Single malt - Ize, Seminyak
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Single malt

Just above the MEJA restaurant is Single Malt, home to serious liquors from some of the world's most famous distilleries.

This stylish drinking venue marries the building’s modern exterior design with a Great Gatsby inspired interior complete with vintage furnishings.

Drinks at Single Malt are like nothing else currently available on the island. There is a complete menu for die-hard whisky fans or for those curious about the age-old whisky drinking culture.

It is set up in alphabetical order with the names of each distillery and different ages to choose from. In total there are about 60 different types of whiskies and single malts.

The cocktail section of the menu is another adventure in itself. Bespoke cocktails are created with women in mind.The sheer section of whisky-based cocktails available is a real treat for anyone who is usually a vodka drinker.
The presentation and condiments such as whisky infused prunes are something that everyone will enjoy.

This is totally unique as not many places in Indonesia provide this kind of service, especially for rare and premium bottles. Single Malt is essentially a candy store for the adults and whisky lovers.