BAR 68

BAR 68

Love for the craft of cocktail making

*Previously known as Single Malt Bali Whiskies & Cocktails*
The bar is an alteration of the upper level lounge and cocktail area of Meja Kitchen at IZE Seminyak Hotel.
Inside the air conditioned bar, a stretch of leather couch and marble top bar await patrons to embrace its intimate atmosphere. Grab a cocktail, find your space and enjoy the moment with friends and new friends alike. Close your eyes and listen to the tunes from our DJ and get your feet moving all around BAR 68.


Le’ Orange is a refreshing orange-based drink, consisting of Vodka, Triple Sec, bitter orange marmalade, aromatic bitters, pasteurised egg white and honey.


Drink List


Opening Hours: 18:00 - 01:00
Atmosphere: Casual, Relax