Shopping Malls in Seminyak

Photo by beachwalk shopping center

One of the best perks of getting accommodation in the heart of Seminyak is the abundance of shopping options you have at your disposal. Your getaway in Bali wouldn’t be complete without a little self-indulgence in one of the finest shopping districts in all of Bali. From Balinese handmade goods and art crafts to branded clothing, there is something for everyone who wants to shop in Bali.

To get you started, we’ll be highlighting some of the shopping malls in Seminyak.

Seminyak Village

Seminyak Village is the latest addition to the excellent options of shops along the streets of Seminyak. Unlike the small boutique shops that line the streets, Seminyak Village is a proper, modern shopping mall with an excellent mix of local and international brands. Additionally, the Seminyak Village is located just across from Sisterfields, an excellent place to brunch with your family or friends. If you fancy a cup of coffee, Revolver Espresso is also located just around the corner.

Photo by seminyak village

Seminyak Square

Located just next to Seminyak Village is the cozy, alfresco-style shopping center known as Seminyak Square. This outdoor shopping center has fewer shops compared to its more contemporary sibling but is imbued with the tropical charm that Bali is known for. You’ll find a mix of local branded goods as well as international brands here as well. Lounge and sip a cup of coffee while you soak in the ambiance, or browse through the enticing flea market that pops up during the weekends.

Photo by anthony veerayan

Beach Walk

Located just on the outskirts of Seminyak directly adjacent to Kuta beach is one of the biggest and most modern shopping centres in Bali. This mall is far more international, but also houses sweet boutique shops with custom and authentic Balinese made clothing and accessories. This is the best place to find any makeup essentials or branded clothing in Bali. Once you’re finished shopping, head up to the top floor for a stunning view of the ocean and various food options.

Photo by beachwalk shopping center

IZE Seminyak

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