Signature cocktails to try during your nightlife in Seminyak

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As the sky darkens, and the sun sets below the horizon, the nightlife in the bustling tropical streets of Seminyak come to life. An evening in Bali just wouldn’t feel complete without trying out the signature cocktails available in Seminyak. From inventive tropical drinks, to one of a kind concoctions only available on the island of Bali, you’re in for a treat.

In this article, we’ll be going over our selected choices for signature cocktails that you must try during your night out in Seminyak.


Motel Mexicola is undoubtedly an icon of Seminyak. With its technicolor ambiance and festive vibes, Mexicola is an endearing hit for those wanting to spice up their night in Seminyak. However, Mexicola is much more than just a pretty place to dance and dine, they also serve signature cocktails that will surely leave a lasting impression on your tastebuds. Their self-titled Mexicola cocktail mixes Jose Cuervo Traditional Silver, with fresh lime, salt, cola and a dash of Tabasco.

Bar 68

For those looking to class up your evening can head over to Bar 68 on the second floor of our very own IZE Hotel above Meja Restaurant for some of the most extensive whiskey selections on the island. We are especially fond of our collection of single malt whiskies, sourced from the world’s most famed distilleries. Sip your favorite whisky as you lounge in our vintage furnishings and leather bound chairs, amidst the old fashioned lighting fixtures.

Poleng Cobler

Another one of our signature cocktails at Bar 68 is the Poleng Cobler. This refreshing drink is perfect for those evenings lounging with your group of friends with this cocktail in hand. The Poleng Cobler is made by combining vodka and fruits, citrus, mango puree and gum syrup for a delicious drink to lighten up the evening.

What are you waiting for? Hit up your friends and join us at Bar 68 for a good time trying out the different signature cocktails in Seminyak!

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