Top 10 Unforgettable Nightclubs in Seminyak

As the sun sets below the horizon, Seminyak’s vibrant nightlife begins to come alive. From rooftop bars to themed nightclubs, there’s something for everyone in Seminyak. To help you plan your evening agenda, we’ll be highlighting our ten picks for nightclubs to visit in Bali.

Below are our picks for unforgettable nightclubs in Seminyak.

La Favela

Embodying the South American spirit and vibe, La Favela needs no introduction. Famous for its exotic atmosphere and truly extravagant ambiance, this is the nightclub you want to be in for those unforgettable moments endlessly sipping away at the excellent house cocktails.

Motel Mexicola

As if the name doesn’t give it away, Motel Mexicola is Mexican themed nightclub and your group of friends in the stunning Latin atmosphere. Enjoy the excellent Latin food and drinks as you dance away at the vibrant tunes by the resident DJ.

Potato Head

Think of a beachside house party hosted by the cool kids on the block, with indie electronica and deep house music - this pretty much sums up the famous Potato Head Beach Club. There’s a reason why it’s so highly regarded. Don’t forget to list it in your itinerary.

Red Ruby

Feel like bar hopping tonight? Start with Red Ruby. Located on the main road of Jalan Petitenget, Red Ruby merges underground New York vibes with the Balinese spirit for an unforgettable night out in Seminyak.


One of the original beach clubs and resorts in Seminyak, Ku De Ta is known to host some of the biggest names in the music industry. Its reputation is well known internationally, and you’ll learn why as soon as you walk through their doors.

Mirror Lounge & Club

If you’re looking for a dance floor straight out of Hogwarts, you’ll absolutely love Mirror Lounge & Club. Deep house and hip-hop are the names of the tunes here, make sure to brush up on your playlist!

Baker Street Social

Tucked in the bustling street of Jalan Petitenget is the classy Baker Street Social. The vintage decor, ambiance and retro jazz tunes of this bar will have you feel like being teleported into the early 1900s.

Double-Six Rooftop

Perched above the Seminyak Beach is Double-Six’s Rooftop Bar. The ambiance here is more suited for a mellow, relaxing night out with your closest friends. Arrive early in the evening so you witness the magical sunset over the Indian Ocean.

WooBar Bali

Enjoy the relaxing and chill ambiance of house music as you watch the stunning sunset over Seminyak with your closest friends. This open-air club will leave you coming back for more.

Single Malt at IZE Seminyak

Grab your favorite cocktail and drinks at our very own Single Malt, here in IZE Seminyak. Lined with leather upholstery and brick walls, we make it feel like you’re partying in the golden era of the early 20s and 30s. Enjoy the resident DJ play classic blues, soul, and rock classics as you lounge with your group of friends.

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