Seminyak is often regarded as the entertainment capital of Bali. It is home to an ecosystem of resorts, boutique restaurants, designer cafés, and nightclubs. Its location on the west coast also makes it the perfect place to catch that magical sunset of Bali. It’s not surprising that many flock to Seminyak for their stay in Bali.

Finding the right hotel in Seminyak can make or break your traveling experience. Whether you’re traveling with a group of friends, family, or significant other; it’s important to choose where you stay wisely. So, what things should you be thinking about when choosing a hotel in Seminyak?

IZE Seminyak

IZE Seminyak is a stylish, modern hotel located in the bustling district of Seminyak. Our strategic location provides the perfect hub for savvy travelers as they explore Seminyak and its surrounding areas.

This Seminyak hotel’s urban architecture draws inspiration from Scandinavian design elements, while also retaining Balinese accents. Featuring tall ceilings and a contemporary minimalist design that extends to our spacious hotel rooms, suites, clubrooms and swimming pools.

Rooftop Infinity Pool

In addition to the 30-meter ground floor swimming pool, we also offer a 20-meter infinity pool up on the 7th-floor rooftop. The rooftop includes an intimate bar and a lounge area that opens up to a panoramic vista of the beach to take in the stunning Bali sunset.

Meja Restaurant and & Bar 68

To get you started on your culinary journey in Bali, head over to The Meja Restaurant that is located on the ground floor. We serve an all-day dining menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant boasts plenty of space and fresh air with it’s open-air design. Stop by to try out any one of our local delicacies, lovingly made with locally sourced produce.

For guests wanting to lounge and soak in the tropical ambiance of Seminyak, they can grab their favorite drinks at Bar 68 located right above the Meja Restaurant, open until midnight.

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We look forward to welcoming you at IZE Seminyak.

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been quite an eventful year for many of us. The travel industry has been hit hard since the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year. Thankfully, countries are slowly opening up their borders as they gain the upper hand in flattening the curve. This means more and more people are starting to plan their post-pandemic traveling destinations.

According to a survey conducted by, Bali was ranked in second place as the most desirable post-pandemic travel destination. The island of the Gods was mentioned along with the likes of Catalonia, Spain and Florida, USA.

With that said, if you’re one of those who listed Bali as your post-pandemic getaway, here are some ideas of where you should stay.

Sanur Accommodation

The tranquil beachside of Sanur is easily one of the best choices to stay in Bali, especially for those looking for a tranquil atmosphere to relax in. Sanur is often recommended for visitors who want to enjoy the quiet side of Bali. It is considerably less congested than more popular areas such as Kuta, while still offering a charming retreat in Bali. Plus, you’ll be located on the eastern coastline of Bali to catch a glimpse of the magical sunrise, as well as easy access to cross over to Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan Islands.

Seminyak Accommodation

Seminyak is arguably the quintessential tourism destination in Bali. Think of the Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills; it’s where the majority of the luxury resorts, restaurants, boutique shops and nightlife are centered in Bali. It’s also located on the western coastline, setting the stage for some of the most spectacular sunsets on the island.

Seminyak provides easy access to some of the most beautiful beaches- perfect for surfers and sun-bathers alike.

IZE Seminyak

As we mentioned above, the Seminyak district is perhaps the most iconic and recognizable place in Bali. Many visitors start their adventure in Bali from Seminyak due to the amount of things to see and the vibrant culture that can be found here.

If you’re looking for Seminyak accommodation – book your stay with Ize Seminyak, and begin your adventure in Bali!

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Traveling is an exhilarating experience. Part of that joy comes from seeing new places, experiencing the culture and of course tasting the local cuisines. As one of the island jewels of Indonesia, Bali offers its visitors a chance to try out the diverse Indonesian, and local Balinese cuisines of the island. In this article, we’ll be highlighting three must-visit restaurants in the Seminyak area for you to try!


Sardine Restaurant is nestled in the heart of Seminyak along Petitenget Street. However, despite being located in the bustling streets of Seminyak, it offers its guests a unique oasis-like dining experience with views of rice paddies and blooming sunflowers. As their name hints, Sardine specializes in seafood with a menu that varies depending on what the local Balinese fishermen can catch during the morning, or what the farmers can harvest for the season.

Warung Made

Warung Made has been a staple restaurant in the Seminyak area for both locals and foreigners. Their roots can be traced back to the late 1960s, when they started out as a small roadside food stall serving local Balinese dishes such as nasi goreng, nasi ayam campur, and an assortment of local sweets. Today Warung Made has grown to become one of the most iconic places to try out Indonesian and local Balinese cuisine on the island. On top of that, Warung Made also hosts routine traditional Balinese dance performances in the evenings, making the perfect stop for those wanting to catch a Balinese performance and dine at the same time.

Meja Restaurant

Last but not least, is our very own Meja Restaurant here in IZE Seminyak. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner for our visitors, all of which are prepared with the PassionForLife philosophy that are embraced by the culinary team here in Meja Restaurant. Our purpose is to provide a comfortable and cozy dining experience for locals, expats and visitors alike where everyone can eat and celebrate life. Try out our signature dish the Babi Gulung, a roasted rolled pork belly marinated with the finest local ingredients, steamed white rice and Balinese vegetables.

Looking for a place to stay in Seminyak? IZE Seminyak proudly offers the best in comfort for our in-house guests. View our five different spacious room types that come with an extensive list of modern amenities and facilities. Book your stay with IZE Seminyak today.

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As the sky darkens, and the sun sets below the horizon, the nightlife in the bustling tropical streets of Seminyak come to life. An evening in Bali just wouldn’t feel complete without trying out the signature cocktails available in Seminyak. From inventive tropical drinks, to one of a kind concoctions only available on the island of Bali, you’re in for a treat.

In this article, we’ll be going over our selected choices for signature cocktails that you must try during your night out in Seminyak.


Motel Mexicola is undoubtedly an icon of Seminyak. With its technicolor ambiance and festive vibes, Mexicola is an endearing hit for those wanting to spice up their night in Seminyak. However, Mexicola is much more than just a pretty place to dance and dine, they also serve signature cocktails that will surely leave a lasting impression on your tastebuds. Their self-titled Mexicola cocktail mixes Jose Cuervo Traditional Silver, with fresh lime, salt, cola and a dash of Tabasco.

Bar 68

For those looking to class up your evening can head over to Bar 68 on the second floor of our very own IZE Hotel above Meja Restaurant for some of the most extensive whiskey selections on the island. We are especially fond of our collection of single malt whiskies, sourced from the world’s most famed distilleries. Sip your favorite whisky as you lounge in our vintage furnishings and leather bound chairs, amidst the old fashioned lighting fixtures.

Poleng Cobler

Another one of our signature cocktails at Bar 68 is the Poleng Cobler. This refreshing drink is perfect for those evenings lounging with your group of friends with this cocktail in hand. The Poleng Cobler is made by combining vodka and fruits, citrus, mango puree and gum syrup for a delicious drink to lighten up the evening.

What are you waiting for? Hit up your friends and join us at Bar 68 for a good time trying out the different signature cocktails in Seminyak!

Need a place to stay in Seminyak? IZE Seminyak offers the best in comfort for our guests. View our five spacious room types that come with an extensive list of modern amenities and facilities.

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Seminyak is known for its vibrant, tropical atmosphere. Located on the western coast of Bali, Seminyak also enjoys the perk of having some of the best vantage points to view the scenic beaches and the magical Bali sunset. For those wanting to enjoy the full experience, should consider taking a sip of their favorite drinks from one of the many rooftop bars available in Seminyak.

In this article, we’ll be highlighting some of our curated choice of rooftop bars to lounge in during your stay in Seminyak, Bali.


The Rooftop Bar at Double-Six Seminyak has been a staple choice for those wanting to soak in the tropical and vibrant ambiance of Bali. Spanning over 1,700 square meters, this is also one of the largest rooftop bars in the Seminyak area. With open views of the beautiful Indian Ocean and breathtaking scenic views of the sunset, this rooftop has rightfully earned its reputation.

Moonlite Kitchen & Bar

Located right on the beachfront, Moonlite Kitchen & Bar is another excellent rooftop bar for you to consider in Seminyak. Known for its array of contemporary Asian Cuisine, this rooftop bar offers lunch and dinner options that are unlike other places in Seminyak. Not to mention the scenic views of the sunset from the deck of the rooftop.

Rooftop Pool Bar at IZE Seminyak

Enjoy your favorite cocktail and drinks here in our very own rooftop pool bar in IZE Seminyak. Lined with a stunning 20-meter infinity pool, complete with daybeds and comfortable sofas, the rooftop pool bar makes for the perfect place to lounge and view the sunset with your group of friends or loved ones. While you’re here, try out our signature cocktail the Balinese Mojito for a refreshing Balinese take on the classic drink.

Looking for a place to stay in Seminyak? IZE Seminyak proudly offers the best in comfort for our in-house guests. View our five different spacious room types that come with an extensive list of modern amenities and facilities. Book your stay with IZE Seminyak today.

As the sun sets below the horizon, Seminyak’s vibrant nightlife begins to come alive. From rooftop bars to themed nightclubs, there’s something for everyone in Seminyak. To help you plan your evening agenda, we’ll be highlighting our ten picks for nightclubs to visit in Bali.

Below are our picks for unforgettable nightclubs in Seminyak.

La Favela

Embodying the South American spirit and vibe, La Favela needs no introduction. Famous for its exotic atmosphere and truly extravagant ambiance, this is the nightclub you want to be in for those unforgettable moments endlessly sipping away at the excellent house cocktails.

Motel Mexicola

As if the name doesn’t give it away, Motel Mexicola is Mexican themed nightclub and the place to be in to immerse yourself and your group of friends in the stunning Latin atmosphere. Enjoy the excellent Latin food and drinks as you dance away at the vibrant tunes by the resident DJ.

Potato Head

Think of a beachside house party hosted by the cool kids on the block, with indie electronica and deep house music – this pretty much sums up the famous Potato Head Beach Club. There’s a reason why it’s so highly regarded. Don’t forget to list it in your itinerary.

Red Ruby

Feel like bar hopping tonight? Start with Red Ruby. Located on the main road of Jalan Petitenget, Red Ruby merges underground New York vibes with the Balinese spirit for an unforgettable night out in Seminyak.


One of the original beach clubs and resorts in Seminyak, Ku De Ta is known to host some of the biggest names in the music industry. Its reputation is well known internationally, and you’ll learn why as soon as you walk through their doors.

Mirror Lounge & Club

If you’re looking for a dance floor straight out of Hogwarts, you’ll absolutely love Mirror Lounge & Club. Deep house and hip-hop are the names of the tunes here, make sure to brush up on your playlist!

Baker Street Social

Tucked in the bustling street of Jalan Petitenget is the classy Baker Street Social. The vintage decor, ambiance and retro jazz tunes of this bar will have you feel like being teleported into the early 1900s.

Double-Six Rooftop

Perched above the Seminyak Beach is Double-Six’s Rooftop Bar. The ambiance here is more suited for a mellow, relaxing night out with your closest friends. Arrive early in the evening so you witness the magical sunset over the Indian Ocean.

WooBar Bali

Enjoy the relaxing and chill ambiance of house music as you watch the stunning sunset over Seminyak with your closest friends. This open-air club will leave you coming back for more.

Bar 68 at IZE Seminyak

Grab your favorite cocktail and drinks at our very own Bar 68, here in IZE Seminyak. Lined with leather upholstery and brick walls, we make it feel like you’re partying in the golden era of the early 20s and 30s. Enjoy the resident DJ play classic blues, soul, and rock classics as you lounge with your group of friends.

Looking for a place to stay in Seminyak? IZE Seminyak proudly offers the best in comfort for our in-house guests. View our five different room types that come with an extensive list of modern amenities and facilities. Book your stay with IZE Seminyak.